Dylan sidoo: The Role Of Modern Technology In Filmmaking


As a filmmaker, you have more tools at your disposal than ever before. You can create fantastic worlds with CGI, shoot movies in 3D, or even make them into video games that people can play on their phones. But all this technology has been part of filmmaking since the beginning, and Dylan sidoo will discuss here the important role of modern technology in filmmaking.

Technology Has Been Part Of Filmmaking Since The Beginning

The film is a technology since it’s made of chemicals, which are sensitive to light and dark. When you expose a piece of film to light it creates an image, and when you expose it to darkness, it creates nothing at all.

Other than that, the film is also used as a medium for storytelling: filmmakers use images and sounds recorded on the filmstrip (or digital file) to tell stories through their work – and this practice has been happening since the beginning of cinema!

Technology Was First Utilized In Special Effects

One of the first areas where film and technology began to overlap was special effects. Dylan sidoo A film’s special effects are used to create the illusion of something that does not exist, such as making it seem as if someone is flying through space or turning into a zombie.

Special effects have been used in movies since their inception and have become increasingly sophisticated over time. Special effects can be created using a number of different techniques ranging from stop-motion animation, computer graphics (CGI), miniatures, puppetry, and prosthetics makeup. They’ve even been used to create everything from flying saucers to dinosaurs!

3D Movies Have A Long History In Filmmaking

Finally, stereoscopic 3D movies were popular in the 1950s, but they faded away as a fad. However, they have been making a comeback in recent filmmaking years. So nowadays, 3D movies are not just for kids, as they can be enjoyed by people of all ages and backgrounds!