Implementing Best Practices for Application Upgrades in a Centos 7 Environment


CentOS is actually a popular Linux syndication that is freely offered by the CentOS site. The present model is centos 7 els, which had been unveiled in July 2017. However, Centos 6 is still supported by the neighborhood and is provided with up-dates consistently. This article will provide an introduction to what lifecycle assistance for Centos 6 involves.

Centos 6 was basically released in October 2011 and definately will attain its finish of lifestyle on November 30, 2021. Because of this next particular date, there may no longer be any safety changes or bug repairs released for Centos 6. Should you use Centos 6, it is essential to intend to improve to some modern edition before the finish of lifestyle time to be able to continue obtaining critical security changes.

Nevertheless, because Centos 6 is not becoming actively designed doesn’t imply that this has been completely deserted. There may be still a big community of end users and builders who sustain and help Centos 6. You can get information and help with utilizing Centos 6 around the recognized website or on different online community forums. In addition, several suppliers of business help providers for Linux distributions supply support for Centos 6.


If you work with Centos 6, it is very important be familiar with the approaching finish of lifestyle day and intend to upgrade to a more recent version before that time to be able to continue getting vital protection upgrades. However, although Centos 6 is no longer being actively developed, there is still a big neighborhood of consumers and developers who sustain and assist it. You will discover info and assistance with utilizing Centos 6 on the recognized web site or on a variety of on-line community forums. Moreover, several service providers of commercial support services for Linux distributions offer assist for Centos 6.