Pricing of storing Luggage


Are you looking to retailer your luggage near Roma Termini while you are out and approximately? We’ve obtained you, so don’t get worried.

Drop away your goods at one of the close by travel luggage safe-keeping center areas.

We offer economical and risk-free baggage storage space at suitcases storing companies. And don’t neglect for exceptional overall flexibility, utilize a baggage storage services which offers by the hour and day-to-day charges.


The luggage storing center in Roma Termini gives you the option of per hour or every day costs.

You are able to select a strategy that very best meets your requirements for a set charge of €7 each day and €1 hourly. Why pay for a complete day if you’re only will be inside a city luggage storage rome termini for a couple of hours?

When compared with airport and train station lockers, it fees 50 % the maximum amount of.

City lockers, at times referred to as suitcases lockers, are normally at least twice as expensive. Tourists had to stow their luggage during these travel luggage lockers until lately, which supplied hardly any versatility concerning price, where to go, and suitcases put in.

Furthermore, Baggage Service gives merchants in several places so that you will may always elect to keep your travel luggage in the protected environment. It offers by the hour and every day rates in comparison to luggage lockers in trains and airports. It strives to supply practical, inexpensive, and close-by suitcases storage.

We always keep a variety of travel luggage at trusted stores, in any sizing or condition.

In luggagestorage, Rome Termini end users will keep luggage for any sizing and type in your safe-keeping amenities with the aid of baggage storage space service providers. This makes no big difference should it be back packs, camera equipment, or skiing products. To set it a different way, you can properly store your totes, suitcases, travel luggage put in, or other things our happy customers may talk about. No matter what they store, buyers can prefer to be paid for from the 60 minutes or our daily fee.