SEO Best Practices: Why You Should Use a Robots.txt File


A robots.txt document is really a textual content submit that informs internet search engine crawlers which parts of your website they are permitted to crawl and list. Possessing a robots.txt data file is an essential part of SEO greatest practices, and allow me to share five reasons why you ought to use one on your web site:

1. To keep your website’s search engine rankings higher

If you have a great deal of pages on the internet site that you simply don’t want indexing by search engine listings, use a robots.txt submit to share with crawlers which webpages to avoid. This will aid maintain your website’s search engine results high preventing your website from becoming penalized by Google.

2. To protect your website’s information

In case you have hypersensitive or personal information about your site, you can use a robots.txt submit to help keep crawlers from accessing it. This will help guard your website’s content while keeping it safe from becoming thieved or reached by unwanted users.

3. To further improve your website’s stress time

If you have a great deal of images or records on your web site that you simply don’t would like to index, use a robots.txt submit to know crawlers to avoid them. This will help increase your website’s weight efforts and ensure it is faster for end users gain access to.

4. To enhance your website’s usability

For those who have a lot of webpages on the website which are difficult to understand, use a robots.txt file to inform crawlers to protect yourself from them. This helps boost your website’s functionality and make it easier for end users to discover the information they’re searching for.

5. To shield your site from junk

For those who have plenty of webpages in your site that are being used for spam, use a robots.txt file to share with crawlers in order to avoid them. This helps shield your web site from spamming whilst keeping it safe from being bought out by crawlers.

In summary, utilizing a robots.txt file is an essential part of SEO best practices, and many reasons exist for you may use one in your internet site.