The Benefits Of Making Your Own Candle Dust Cover


If you’re much like me, you cherish candles. They create a hot and appealing setting in every area. But one point that can destroy the perfect candle-lighted evening hours happens when your candlestick begins accumulating dirt. Luckily, there’s a great way to prevent this from occurring. Through making your candle dust cover, you can keep your candle lights neat and dirt-totally free. Here’s how:

What You’ll Need:

●1/4 backyard of light-bodyweight textile (I employed quilting natural cotton)



●A pen or chalk for marking the fabric

●A ruler or tape measure

● An metal and ironing table (optionally available)

● A sewing equipment (recommended)


1. Trim your material right into a sq . which is a minimum of 2 ” greater than your candlestick on all sides.

2. Mark a series 1/4 in . in the fringe of the material entirely close to.

3. Sew or steel along the noted range to create a binding. If you’re utilizing a sewing unit, set it to your right stitch and employ a line that suits your cloth. If you’re fingers-sewing, make use of a whip stitch or another related stitch.

4. Slide the dust protect over your candlestick and enjoy!

If you’re employing this dust protect outside, make sure to bring it inside when it’s not in use. This helps to prolong its lifestyle. You are able to change the include to fit your décor by utilizing distinct fabrics and trims.

Creating your personal candle dust cover is a quick and easy way to guard your candles from airborne dirt and dust. You are able to gift idea candle lights by using a candle dust cover for any exclusive and practical current. Do this task today!


Generating your personal candle dust cover is a quick and easy strategy to guard your candle lights from dust particles. By using these simple instructions, you can keep your candle lights looking and burning like new. Change the include to fit your décor through the use of various materials and trims. Using this dust cover, you can experience your candles be concerned-totally free.