The Many Faces of Family Medicine


Have you ever wondered what a family medicine physician does? If you have, you’re not alone. Family medicine is one of the most diverse and complex medical fields, encompassing everything from preventative care to chronic disease management. In short, family medicine physicians are trained to provide comprehensive care for patients of all ages.

What Does a Family Medicine Physician Do?
Family medicine physicians like Dr Philip Baldeo provide preventive care, diagnose and treat acute and chronic illnesses, and promote health and wellness for patients of all ages. They are trained to care for the whole person, not just the symptoms of a particular illness. Family medicine physicians typically have special training in obstetrics (OB), pediatrics (PEDS), geriatrics (GERI), and mental health (MH).

Preventive Care
Preventive care is one of the most important services provided by family medicine physicians. By offering screenings and immunizations, family medicine physicians help their patients avoid or delay the onset of serious illnesses. They also provide guidance on lifestyle choices that can promote good health and well-being.

Acute Care
Acute care refers to the diagnosis and treatment of sudden or severe illnesses. When you have a cold or the flu, for example, your family medicine physician is who you will see for care. Family medicine physicians are also trained to handle minor injuries such as cuts and burns. In some cases, they may even perform surgery.

Chronic Disease Management
Chronic diseases such as diabetes and hypertension often require lifelong management. Dr Philip Baldeo Family medicine physicians play an important role in helping their patients manage chronic diseases through lifestyle changes, medication, and close monitoring. They also provide education on how to prevent complications associated with chronic diseases.

Family Medicine Physicians are Trained to Provide Care for Everyone. Whether it’s preventive care, acute care, or chronic disease management, family medicine physicians are trained to provide comprehensive care for patients of all ages. If you’re looking for a primary care physician who can provide comprehensive care for your whole family, look no further than a family medicine physician.