Through a complete place performs curbstone (äärekivi) works


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Laying paving stone (sillutuskivi) is an excellent constructive solution that is certainly quite total on pavement and pathways or remodeling ways. This is an eco-friendly material. It provides a particular artistic contact.

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What exactly are cobblestone (tänavakivi) for installations?

Cobblestones are usually gemstones set up on the floor, where you would like to give excellent worth, including landscapes and patios, community squares, cobbled roadways. They are quite tolerant. They supply outstanding anti-fall properties whenever it rains.

Cobblestone (tänavakivi) is available in various colors and styles, making quite a lot of flexibility in agreement and enabling quite eye-catching modular and geometric models. You can see several squares furnished with this type of substance.

The cobblestone (tänavakivi) is commonly used to embellish walls coverings floors. They can be excellent for creating natural pools or beautifying gardens and parks.

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